My Days in the Mountains

You are stuck in a snow storm (or a sand storm), or you are lost in the bush. Describe your last moments. How will you react?

I took a drive by myself to the mountains. When I got there, I decided to go for a bushwalk to clear my head. I went off the track to see a beautiful view from here but lost my way back. I have been lost for hours now; the sun is beginning to set, which indicates that I have been out here alone all day.  Soft pink and orange light dance across the Australian terrain. When the sun was hung high in the sky, I had walked to find the way back to my car. As the daylight burned out, the hope of being found out here in the bush fading. Now the blue glow of the moon blankets the earth.  I am frozen with fear as the cool breeze makes me shiver. My anxiety is stopping me from continuing my search for help. I feel a panic attack gripping a hold of the last of my courage. My breath is quickening; my hands begin to tremble. I wrap my arms tight around myself, crouching in a ball on the due damp grass. The temperature has not dropped dramatically, but my body is shaking from within. Thoughts of never seeing my family again fall like heavy stones on my heart, weighing me down even further into the ground. Oh dear god, will I ever see my family again?

Image result for australian  thick bush

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