Summative Entry


This unit has enabled me to reflect on the similarities and differences between human experience in the 19th and 21st centuries.

During the classes on William and Dorothy Wordsworth, I love how they wrote about the same things but in different ways. The Leech Gather is an example. Dorothy wrote journals on what she saw and described every detail. William wrote a beautiful poem using his imagination, Resolution and Independence. My favourite poem, by William, was Tintern Abbey. This poem made me feel peaceful by describing sitting under a Sycamore tree, looking down at the Abbey. He was able to take time looking and writing about nature, not like today, where everyone is in a rush and not stopping to smell the roses.

The other class I enjoyed was Great Expectations. I enjoyed reading this book. Looking back on the story, I can see how it relates to today society. In today’s society, many people will put much expectation on themselves. They need the bigger and better things in life than anybody else, even if this means going into debt, with most falling and crashing. When Pip joins the Finch Club, he watches how people dressed and acted and wanted to be just like them—causing the loss of his family. It would be best if you never forgot where you have come from. Pip found out it was the family who was there for him when he crashed. Just like families will do today.

Overall the whole twelve weeks have been great. I never thought I would get through it. I have learnt so much. I was looking through the stanzas for the meaning and listening for the rhythms the authors used. I have never done this until now. Even though we did this class over zoom, it has been a great experience, and the classmates have been great. In the play, The Cherry Orchard,  we all had so much fun. The part I played was Ranyevskaya, the mother. I have never had a speaking part before and never would have spoken in front of others.