Charles Harpur

Charles Harpur’s poem ‘Mid-Summer Noon In The Australian Forest, this poem describes the bushland in the town of Windsor, NSW. In this text the author goes into detail about how the bush is calming, peaceful and a quiet place. Harpur shows this through explaining that there were no birds flying in the sky, no grasshoppers singing and how there weren’t any ants scavenging around for food on the ground.

In this poem Harpur finds a tree where it is shady and cool, it’s an area to rest underneath while the big branches on the tree provide protection from the beaming sun rays and gives the man a place to rest. Out of nowhere he starts to hear a slight humming noise from the bushes around him, so he tries to see what it is and with excitement he discovers it is a beetle type creature.

Harpur realises the creature is a Dragon-Hornet as it flies towards him with all its beauty, grace and bright beautiful patterns. Harpur became fascinated when the beetle started fluttering its wings because as this happened due to the sun rays, the beetle seemed as if it had fire surrounding it and this was quite the extraordinary spectacle to Harpur himself. This poem was at times difficult to read due to the old English style of writing but once you adapt and get used to the language, you can understand and imagine that you are there with Charles Harpur in the Australian bush due to his strong use descriptive language.


One thought on “Charles Harpur

  1. Hi Heather! Good job, I see you had a thorough connection with the meaning behind the poem and it’s context. 🙂


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