Hello Alexander

Just like women today still talk to their friends about what is going wrong in their marriage. Ivans wife was a depressed woman and despised her husband. When she had to help, she would put on a show for everyone to see how good she looked after him. Overall you did very well.  I enjoyed reading your blog.  I have found some mistakes just like. I’ll – I will, I’m – I am and there’s – there is.

Thank Heather

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Hi Chloe

I love how you have described a lower-class Victorian woman. You can see you put your imagination into the writing. You have captured the way they lived in the 19th century in London. It was tough for the poor back then. The living conditions were not good, very dark damp from the cold. I think you are right when you say that poor people are so grateful for every little thing they have, like food and clothing. Yes, the poor value family over their belongings. 21st-century people complain about how hard it is today. They should think of how hard it was back then. Putting the photo into it made it more real great job.


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Hi Andrew

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Your experience in New Zealand must have been challenging for you. Choosing to leave home for twelve months is hard enough, let alone going 3000 km in a different country, and you must miss your family so much. What a great way to describe the beach view. At first, you were not happy there, then at the end of the day, you felt comfortable within yourself, but what an experience with youth you must have had. You must be so proud of yourself.

Thanks, Heather