Who is Francis Webb?

Francis Webb was born on 8th February 1925 in Ross Park Adelaide. His full name is Francis Charles Webb-Wagg, through his career he shortens it to Francis Webb. At the age of two, his mother passed away, and his father admitted himself into a mental hospital. Webb and his three sisters moved in with the grandparents, in Sydney. At seven he wrote his first poem it was a birthday present to his grandmother.

After school, Webb got a scholarship to Sydney University, but he deferred due to WWII. He enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force in 1943. Webb trained as a wireless air gunner in Australia and Canada, though never saw any action.  After the war, he went to do his university course, which he never finished.  He worked for Angus & Robertson for a time. In 1949 he travelled to Britain but was put in an asylum for a suicide attempt. This was the first of many times. When he returned to Australia, he was admitted to a mental hospital and diagnosed with schizophrenia. He spent most of his life in and out of the hospital and wrote many of his poems while there.  Sadly he died on 23rd November 1973 at Rydalmere Psychiatric Hospital.


One thought on “Who is Francis Webb?

  1. Hi Heather- your blogs have been improving with every new entry. Great work overall! It is so good to have seen your interest and your confidence improve so much over the last 12 weeks. Travel well!
    Good wishes


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