Dame Mary Gilmore 1865 to 1962

Dame Mary Gilmore was born on 16th August 1865 in Goulburn NSW. She grow up in the country of NSW near Wagga Wagga. At the age of 16 she sat her teaching exam and became a school teacher at Wagga Wagga Public School.

Gilmore involved herself in the Burgeoning Labor movement and there she met William Lane and in 1893 she moved to South America with 200 other people that followed Lane where they tried to start a new colony called New Australia but it was unsuccessful. Gilmore and her husband William with their son Billy moved back to Sydney in 1902.

Gilmore was an Australian writer who wrote both prose and poetry. In 1908 to 1931 she found work as an editor for the Australian workers doing a women’s section in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Bulletin.

In 1910 she published her first book of poetry and for half a century she was the most popular poet in Australia. Gilmore involved herself in the Australian Workers Union. She was the first women member to help with white and aboriginal Australians for better working conditions and for children’s welfare.

In 1937 she was made a Dame by King George VI. She was the first person to be given this award for services in literature. From that day we know her as Dame Mary Gilmore. In WWII she was a morale booster “no foe shall gather our harvest”. In 1954 at the age of 89 she published her last book of verse. In her latest years she enjoyed her growing status as a national literary icon and in 1962 she died on the 3rd December at the age of 97 and she was given a state funeral by the state of NSW.

Due to the great societal contributions made by Dame Mary Gilmore, she was granted the prestigious honour of being placed on the 10 dollar note in 1993. Gilmore was also admitted the privilege of having a city in the state of Canberra due to her massive significance within the Australian community.


3 thoughts on “Dame Mary Gilmore 1865 to 1962

  1. Heather this is wonderfully informative blog. Well done and thank you! You capture well the amazing life of this poet.
    There are a few grammatical corrections that you can now make to your blog….
    Editing Needed (and some workshop follow-ups- see Purdue Owl for help: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/1/
    * he sat her teaching exam and came a school teacher = he sat her teaching exam and BECAME a school teacher [ ]
    *….with there son Billy = ….with THEIR son Billy – [their there they’re- http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/660/01/%5D
    *and for half-century = and for half a century OR and for A half-century
    *the state of canberra = the state of Canberra

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