Victorian Woman


* Imagine you are a Victorian woman. Describe the things you value most in life.

My name is Lucinda Godwin; I am a devoted wife and mother. My husband, Henry, owns the railways in London. I have two children: Henry Jnr, four, and Anne is two; they have a nanny called Emily that looks after them. This leaves me to enjoy the finer things in life. I love to get my dresses and my hats imported from Europe. I feel so pretty showing off my new outfits at the grand social parties. I love to dance.  Once mouth on a Sunday after church, I put a tea party on just for ladies. We sit around talking while we drink tea and eat cake; it is always in my beautiful yard. My husband Henry takes me to dinner, and then we go to the theatre, which we both enjoy. Every night after we have dinner, Henry goes to the office while I go to the sitting room with the children to have quiet time with Henry Jnr and Anne, then Nanny Emily take them off to bed.  I sit and read before I call it a night.

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