TINTERN ABBEY- William Wordsworth

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Find out some more about the monastery Tintern Abbey and its location and describe why and how you think Wordsworth was so inspired by the place.

Tintern Abbey is a wonderfully romantic place, lying on the Welsh side of the River Wye winding valley between Chepstow and Monmouth. Over many years, the Abbey was home to hundreds of monks until King Henry VIII closed it in 1536. Tintern Abbey has a very spiritual history. Wordsworth’s love for Tintern Abbey started five years before. Back then, he saw the beauty of the place, making him feel like a young boy running around the fields. At that time, the peace and quiet of the place also allowed him to reflect on his life. He brings some of that experience with him now as he revisits the Abbey five years later. The countryside inspired William Wordsworth to write a deeply personal poem about his feelings while sitting up on the cliffside under a sycamore tree, looking down on Tintern Abbey and being surrounded by nature. While the warmth of the sunlight shines on him, he also smells the forest and feels a soft summer breeze, you can see in his poem the love that he has for Tintern Abbey. In July 1798, Wordsworth brought his sister Dorothy along to share the love he has for the Abbey and the beauty it holds within. The description he gives of the landscape around the Abbey also shows how nature has taken the Abbey back into itself.

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